Custom Home & Cottage Designs in Muskoka's Natural Style!

Ben Hopkins - Muskoka builder

Ben Hopkins, B.A.Sc.



Classic Muskoka Homes:  Custom home & cottage design.

We offer uncompromising integrity in both design and construction phases of our custom home & cottage building projects. 

Classic Muskoka Homes will work with your choice of architect, or our in-house designer will coordinate a unique set of building plans for your home or cottage.  We will completely manage the construction process so that you can relax and enjoy your time in Muskoka!

We have trained for Passive House architectural design and construction with the Canadian Passive House Institute:

Our design objective is to capture the essence of Muskoka's natural elements in every one of our custom home and cottage designs

Leave the complexities of the construction process to us and we will deliver a high-quality custom home on-schedule and within budget.   

Request an initial home or cottage design consultation with Classic Muskoka Homes!

We offer radiant floor heating systems for your custom home or cottage design! 

Ask us how you can be more comfortable in your new home! 

Classic Muskoka Homes develops cottage designs with a focus on the calming waterfront views that are integral to the properties found on Muskoka's lakes and rivers. 

We emphasize selective use of softwood and hardwood species from our local forests and advocate for the use of granite masonry elements that are native to Muskoka.

These elements have formed the basis for outstanding home designs throughout the history of Muskoka and we feel they ought to be a part of all Classic Muskoka Homes

A moody fall afternoon on Lake Joseph.  Muskoka, Ontario. 

Classic Muskoka Homes' guide to custom home design:

  1. Living space design to best accomodate your lifestyle.

We will identify the types and sizes of rooms required to support your characteristic lifestyle.  Site-specific features and special requests will be identified and addressed at this stage to ensure appropriate integration with the finished design.

  1. Aesthetic and functional design refinement. 

At this stage we will integrate your preferred architectural style(s) with the design of the building form.  We will then perform a thermal design of the building envelope and generate initial interior and exterior finish schedules.

  1. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning system design

Heating system selection & design will be performed according to your priorities.  We offer complete design of forced-air heating systems, radiant hydronic floor heating and also mechanical ventilation systems such as heat recovery ventilators (HRV's). 

4.  Lighting design: Interior & Exterior

Classic Muskoka Homes will work with you to select unique lighting fixtures and will specify their placement to enhance the day and night-time appeal of your unique home environment. 

5 Electrical design

Electrical service and outlet placements will be designed to optimize their utility and minimize their visual impact. 

6.  Plumbing design

We will provide you with design references to aid in your selection of plumbing fixtures that integrate with and enhance your architectural ideals. 

7.  Septic system design

A septic system will be designed for rural and waterfront properties.  Classic Muskoka Homes will work with Cottage Country Environmental Services, a specialized septic system design and installation contractor. 

8.  Landscape design

We will coordinate our construction work with landscape design and construction services provided by a local member of Landscape Ontario

Classic Muskoka Homes' single goal as a custom home designer and builder is to provide lasting value to new home and cottage owners in exchange for their investment in Muskoka! 

Classic Muskoka Homes: Energy efficient & healthy home design

Classic Muskoka Homes' focus on home and cottage design that incorporates natural materials, reclaimed materials and materials local to Muskoka will reduce the resource consumption associated with the construction of your new home or cottage. 

In addition to environmental and economic benefits, building with natural materials results in healthy indoor air-quality.  Healthy indoor air quality is of utmost importance in energy efficient construction because an energy efficient building relies on a tightly sealed building envelope to eliminate air-leakage between the indoors and outdoors.  The reduced air-infiltration through walls reduces costly space-conditioning energy consumption and means that an adequate supply of fresh air must be delivered mechanically.  A mechanical heat-recovery ventilation system providing fresh air is advisable in most building types and is a critical design requirement in energy efficient construction. 

By making an informed investment in energy efficient design for your new custom home or cottage, you can enjoy your residence with increased peace of mind and a reduction in energy-related operating expenses.  An energy-efficient building envelope will increase your comfort and will save you money in both summer and winter months! 

Our designer, Ben Hopkins looks forward to discussing your home or cottage building project and answering any questions that you may have about energy efficient and healthy home design. 

Ben Hopkins filed in 2006 as a Qualified Designer regulated by Ontario's Building Code, the Building Code Act and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.  (Building Code Identification Number: 31817)   For large home and cottage building projects and for those with special structural requirements, Ben will recommend a licensed architect or structural engineer for the design phase of your project. 

We employ computer-aided drafting software and can provide you with realistic 3-dimensional renderings of interior spaces and exterior views of your project.  We will ensure that our plans accurately communicate your ideas. 

Muskoka home and cottage design:  Custom homes with natural character!

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